UK Road Trip – Conwy Castle

Our UK Route ConwyWe drove about five hours to get from the Cotswolds up to North Wales.  Frankly, we didn’t know much about Wales or the town of Conwy (pronounced Conway).

As we drove we sang songs by Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdink, the first two Welsh people that came to mind.

We were also a little apprehensive about our apartment choice in Conwy.  It was a new listing on Airbnb so we didn’t have benefit of prior visitor reviews.

When we finally found the long driveway up to the house we felt as if we were far, far out in the country, not close to town as we hoped.

When the lovely woman who owned the house took us to the downstairs apartment, our anxiety about the apartment vanished.  It was cute and homey.  The landlady was so excited about us being her first rental we were completely won over.

When we asked about how to find the town center, she said it was really quite simple, and no car required.  We walk down the driveway, across a parking lot and boom, we would be within the old city walls in less than five minutes.  She also showed us the fabulous view we had of the castle directly from our front door.

Conway Castle
Castle view from our front door

Conwy was the best example we have found of a well-preserved medieval walled town.  With only a couple of breaks for new roads, the town remains fully encircled by the fortress-type wall  We walked the 100 yards or so to the wall, and once through, we were in the heart of an adorable village.

After a long drive, our first evening in town was intended to be just dinner.  But after dinner, we discovered that the town walls were completely accessible.  Stairs were located around town and anyone can walk the city’s perimeter, even in the evening.

So there we were, atop the city walls, in the dark, enjoying the personal freedom of a less-litigious country.

The next day, we took a great tour of the castle.  Considering it was built in the 1280’s, the castle and the walls are in great shape.

Conwy Castle in the 1300's (By Hchc2009)
Conwy in the 1300’s, by Hchc2009 (Wikipedia)


Given the relatively light number of tourists, it is possible to get a real feel for the castle back in its hey-day.  It brings out a romantic connection to both British royalty and just a touch of Robin Hood.

And being right on the water, Conwy has some lovely walks along the seaside.

Conwy bay

Conwy was a relaxing, beautiful and interesting town.  Like a jewel box.

This has been a great start to our UK adventure so far.

Next stop, Liverpool.  “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”




  1. Most of the time when I read your blog, I am glad that you have gone to somewhere interesting and have told me about it. And, sometimes, your writing makes me want to go to that place, and that is the way I feel about Conwy.


  2. Frank, how cool is your latest port of call? I was hoping that you would make it to the town where the BBC series “Doc Martin” is filmed. Not far from where you are. Erin and I always comment on the beautiful seascape when we watch the show. Que tengan un buen viaje!


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