The Dog Ate Our Prague Blog

Would you believe this?

It’s unbelievable.

We can hardly believe it ourselves.

train-route-berlin-to-pragueRest assured, we prepared a brilliant post describing our visit to Prague in late September.

But the dog ate it.  Yes, the dog.  He ate it.

The blog post that the dog ate was complete with witty descriptions and observations of everything we experienced, beginning with the train ride down from Berlin.

img_6273In elegant language — bordering, we dare to say, on the poetic — we described in exquisite and endearing detail our cozy attic walk-up apartment, our walks along the river, our failed attempt to gain access to the Prague Philharmonic.

europe-map-with-pragueIndeed, the lost blog post captured at once the romance, the joy and the thrill of finally visiting this iconic and historic city in the very center of Europe.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Our blog post did not omit a vivid description of the masterful quartet of classical musicians who performed the works of Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven in an ornate if somewhat worn medieval palace.

We recounted our impressions of the enthusiastic woman from New Zealand who sat beside us at the concert, alone, enraptured by the music.

If anything, she was even more thrilled than we were to be visiting Prague.  We could see in her face, her heart leapt with joy at the experience of listening to classical music performed in this uniquely rich setting.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Manuscript, page 1
The lost blog post informed our loyal readers of the extraordinary treasure that is housed in a museum at Prague Castle — an original manuscript of Beethoven’s great Fifth Symphony, in the composer’s own hand.

What if the dog had eaten THAT??!

Both Mozart and Beethoven spent time in Prague composing musical works, and it was there that Mozart himself premiered his opera, The Barber of Seville, in an opera house that still operates.

img_6299Our blog post explained how Prague impresses upon the visitor that these legendary composers were real people, some of whom walked these very streets.  All of this we explained in sublime terms in a most auspicious blog post.

img_6300The lost blog post also portrayed the crisp, warm autumn weather and the seasonal offerings at the farmers market.  The Central European capital we described was a place rich not only in history and architecture but in natural bounty as well.

kafka-statue-at-nightWe described our joy in discovering a unique bust of the great author Franz Kafka, which we came upon one night in a square in central Prague.

The bust, designed by the artist David Cerny, consists of a series of shiny chrome plates that move and rotate, deconstructing and then reconstructing the head of Kafka every few minutes.img_5392

Our lost blog post included a link to a video showing how this unique work of art works:

Imagine if that dog had not eaten our blog post!

Oh, what a loss!  To think of the joy it would have brought to you, gentle reader!

The “Old New Synagogue”
Everywhere in Prague, our blog post further noted, there are reminders of Kafka.  He was a lawyer who sprang up out of Prague’s vibrant Jewish community.

Prague, we were at pains to observe in our beautiful blog post, had the largest community of Jews in the world in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.

Jewish Cemetery
In carefully constructed sentences worthy of Kafka himself, our blog post chronicled our tour of Prague’s old Jewish Quarter.

It features the oldest Synagogue in Europe and a densely packed, lovingly preserved cemetery where tens of thousands of bodies are buried atop one another.

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin
The ancient Jewish Cemetery in Prague is said to have been the inspiration for the artist who designed the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.  Certainly, our now-lost blog post explained, there is an eerie resemblance between the two.

Oh, yes, it was quite an impressive blog post, even by our high standards.

Darn that dog!!

Our blog post, of course, did not fail to mention our self-guided tour of Prague Castle across the Elbe River from Central Prague, nor did it leave out a charming description of our boat tour along the river.

bad-dogNaturally we were distressed when we discovered that the dog had eaten our Prague blog.

But he is quite a cute little dog, so we could not bring ourselves to punish him too harshly.

We trust, therefore, gentle reader, that you will accept this sincere explanation — very sincere, oh yes, quite sincere — for the omission of the wonderful city of Prague from our blog.


    • Bravo…… Do try very hard to hear some of the music in Prague. Look for free organ concerts,
      Prague philharmonic, Czech radio orchestra and many chamber concerts. Also the program at Belle Trampka is a delight.


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