As we leave, we have a pretty good idea of the trip thru July.  After that, we have a general idea, but no specific tickets or plans.  We thought we might try travel for a few months first.

Here is a quick overview of our planned trip:

  • Costa Rica for three weeks to take Spanish lessons.
  • South America for two months, including a cruise around the horn.
  • Take a second cruise from Brazil to Barcelona in time for spring in Spain.
  • Spain and France for a month each.
  • Head home in early July for Frank’s son’s wedding.
  • Back to Europe for the rest of summer and fall, finishing in Istanbul in November.
  • Head to the Far East for a few months before returning home

Here is our detailed Itinerary on the day we left:  2016 Itinerary in Excel

City Country Arrive Days
SFO/Dallas/San Jose
San Jose Costa Rica 1-Feb 1
Manuel Antonio Costa Rica 2-Feb 7
Monteverde Costa Rica 9-Feb 10
Panama City Panama 19-Feb 1
Quito Ecuador 20-Feb 3
Cuenca Ecuador 23-Feb 6
Lima Peru 29-Feb 1
Santiago Chile 1-Mar 3
Valparaiso Chile 4-Mar 2
Holland America 6-Mar 14
Buenos Aires Argentina 20-Mar 10
Iguazu Falls Argen/Brazil 30-Mar 2
Florianopolis Brazil 1-Apr 4
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 5-Apr 3
Sao Paulo Brazil 8-Apr 2
Royal Caribbean 10-Apr 14
Barcelona Spain 24-Apr 7
Madrid Spain 1-May 7
Seville Spain 8-May 7
Fez Morocco 15-May 4
Marrakech Morocco 19-May 4
Gijon Bibao Spain 23-May 7
TBD France 30-May 7
Le Bugue France 6-Jun 7
Drive time to Paris France 13-Jun 3
Paris France 16-Jun 14
Philadelphia USA 30-Jun 6
Terra Haute USA 6-Jul 2
San Rafael/Auburn USA 8-Jul 6
Ojai USA 14-Jul 2
Vacation Home USA 16-Jul 7
Ireland Ireland 23-Jul 14
Stockholm Sweden 6-Aug 7
Coppenhagen Denmark 13-Aug 7
Amsterdam Netherlands 20-Aug 7
Antwerp Belgium 27-Aug 7
Berlin Germany 3-Sep 7
River Cruise TBD 10-Sep 7
Prauge Czech Rep 17-Sep 7
Budapest Hungary 24-Sep 7
Athens Greece 1-Oct 7
Skiathos Greece 8-Oct 7
Istanbul Turkey 15-Oct 7
Taipei Taiwan 22-Oct 21
Queenstown New Zealand 12-Nov 7
Aukland New Zealand 19-Nov 7
Princess Cruise 26-Nov 7
Melbourne Australia 3-Dec 7
Sydney Australia 10-Dec 7
Brisbane Australia 17-Dec 7
Ubud Indonesia 24-Dec 7
Chiang Mai Thailand 31-Dec 7
Pai Thailand 7-Jan 7
Ha Noi Vietnam 14-Jan 7
Da Nang Vietnam 21-Jan 7
Siem Reap Cambodia 28-Jan 7
Bangkok Thailand 4-Feb 7